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Hunter has been described as “a writer’s writer.” He writes on culture, technology, and drug prevention (at He is currently writing a novel.

What happens when an advertisement is out of line with a company’s real objectives…

Digital Image: Tech to the People ad, produced by Falon.
Video: “Tech to the People”

Maybe your screen has been blessed with this anxiety-causing, seizure-inducing advertisement from Back Market. Sorry, it’s infectious. The Arby’s-like voice tells us Back Market is a “People’s Tech Revolution” and also an “online marketplace that is ruining Big Tech’s day.”

But, how true is that, anyway?

“Did we mention Back Market likes to make Big Tech Billionaires cry?”

That sounds great. Let’s take our money back from these trillion dollar companies. Lay down your pitchforks people, this is much more convenient. Okay Back Market, how are you going to “make Big Tech billionaires cry?”


From ‘Antifa’ to the ‘communist media’, Trump supporters always have an excuse to avoid accountability.

Photo by Jing Xi Lau on Unsplash

I’m so tired of the excuses. Most of my social sphere has connections in small town America, so the constant barrage of outlandish explanations and outright dismissals of yesterday’s events are sickening, sad, and pathetic.

Seriously, has the cult gone so far that those actively sharing conspiracy theories have no sense of personal accountability? Can those same people really not see the hypocrisy: calling for law enforcement to clear out protesters this summer while also supporting a violent mob, incited by Trump’s rally on national television, raiding one of our most important government buildings? …

Mass media and the importance of brevity present wordsmiths with difficult decisions. Word choices will have far reaching effects for social movements.

Image Courtesy of Hunter Freeman

Part of progress is convincing the other camp that change is a’comin’ and there will be a right side of history. Essential to that goal is considering how people will receive a message. English and Rhetoric courses in Humanities programs around the country emphasize tailoring a message to a specific audience. The challenge arises when progressive sentiment is condensed into statements that are only a few words in length. It is difficult to include Aristotle’s Ethos, Pathos and Logos in a phrase that can be just as many words or less. See Obama’s 2008 slogan: “Yes we can!”

Brevity distills the message

If online…

An image from Joshua Feuerstein’s infamous Starbucks video.

They say hindsight is 20/20, but in the age of Trumpism, I’d argue it’s 20/15. In November 2015, I was freshly into a local community college just trying to finish out the semester when my Facebook feed was taken over by Joshua Feuerstein, the man above often likened to an angry Kevin James.

Feuerstein expressed a deep frustration over Starbuck’s red holiday cups, namely the lack of printed messages saying “Merry Christmas.” …

Microsoft’s vision for the future of play takes a cue from its troubled past.

Xbox logo on black background

There’s no question that Microsoft had a few missteps with the core concepts of the Xbox One: the required Kinect, the always-online debacle, the muddled vision, the list goes on — it really does. But as Xbox takes its first steps into the fourth generation, it’s clear there are some ideas Microsoft hasn’t abandoned.

Namely: the idea of All in One.

Take, for example, this excerpt from the Xbox One reveal:

Team Xbox is on a new mission: design and build an All in One system to light up a new generation of games, TV, and entertainment. It must be…

A critique of Bon Appétit’s biggest martyr

The Overview

There are a number of concessions that need to be said before the truth of this subject can be discussed, so lets get those out of the way: Racism is bad. Unequal pay for equal work is bad. Bon Appétit’s former Editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport was rightfully dismissed for behavior unbecoming of his position and unbecoming of, well, a good person. Condé Nast was overdue for reform, and I hope they have taken the appropriate steps to rectify what most would agree were racist hiring practices and unfair treatment of their talent.

But, if you have followed Bon Appétit’s controversial summer…

October 4, 2019: The Scope

My feet dangled off the hospital bed, stretching from somewhere inside a loose fitting, roller-rink-astronomical-carpet-patterned gown, probably worn by people much sicker and terminal than I was. That didn’t stop my ill mood. The nurses zipped by beyond the white privacy curtain. My girlfriend, Sam, texted my mother that I was prepped for my procedure and was just waiting to be taken to the room.

“It’s going to be funny if I go through all of this for nothing,” I said, dwelling on the numerous fruitless appointments I’d had before this one.

“It’ll be okay,” Sam said assuredly. …

Hunter Freeman

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